Friday, May 22, 2009

How companies are using Twitter

I'm always interested in seeing how companies are using new product platforms. Today, more than ever, we can see first hand how they are using Web 2.0 platforms because the platforms are used to communicate with us, the consumer. Here is a link to how many banks are using Twitter.

Wells Fargo tops the list with the most followers and are using Twitter as a Q&A Platform. Here is what I got when I searched for Wells Fargo's name on Twitter. The Ask Wells Fargo Tweet helps customers with answers and tries to connect them with the right banker. The next two Wells Fargo accounts are just holding the names and not being used. The Team Wells Fargo Account (Wells Fargo Advisors) is an account for bicyclists.

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  1. I'm using Twitter now..and essentially using it as a way to update other sites at the same time...Facebook and Plaxo...are two. I want to find the best way to use blogs and/or things like twitter to do it all in one shot...while spreading a wide net..but with consistent messages. interesting as a way to stay in touch with friends. Most clients turn into friends, so it works well.

    It is very interesting to see banks using twitter.